Nexus is the bomb!

Buying a phone has always been so difficult because now, we’ve got a million options. Thank you aggressive competitors.

 With an outburst in technology and brands trying to get our attention with the in-your-face advertising, choosing a phone has become more difficult than choosing a lover! No kidding. Think about it- We sleep next to our phones, wake up with it, spend every single hour of the day with it and need I mention, it has our most personal information.


After being a loyal Blackberry user for 4 years, the phone started to annoy me with all its hanging issues. The only reason I stuck around with it for that long was the BB messenger, for my close friends and family who wouldn’t use Whatsapp (Damn you, strong BB ecosystem!) But eventually, my patience reached its limit and I felt the need to have a phone with that would give me a better UI experience.

Enter, Samsung Galaxy Nexus: The Google phone. When I stood there at the store, confused as I stared at the 9 options before me, I called my digital media professor and here is what he said “If you are not going to pick up the Nexus, you better walk out of that store without a phone.” Such strong convincing coming from a tech junkie like him was enough for me to buy it with no second thoughts. Without any regrets, I will say it is the best device I have ever put my hands on!


Now, all you iPhone users who are going to scream ‘What!?’ after reading ‘best’, let me get this straightened out: I do not have a problem with the iPhone. Apple is the pioneer of technology and the phone is awesome, but I refuse to spend almost half a lakh on a phone when I can get close to that awesomeness in half the price of the same phone.

The reason I say Galaxy Nexus is great and is the best incarnation of Android (At least till the next version, Nexus 4 gets launched) is because it is also the first phone to get the Ice Cream sandwich and later, the Jellybean that makes the device more pleasant, self-evident, and less complicated to use without any jazzy animations and UI modifications (which is great, since most of these additions are only outright useless). Also, I was dazzled with the gorgeous 4.65-inch screen with an equally awesome resolution.


I am amused with the fact that the phone has NFC (Near Field Communication) chip for what it is priced (Rs 24,500). It allows you to transfer data, music, pictures- just about anything, by simply tapping the phone with another NFC enabled phone. Yes, it is quite pointless to have NFC when we are still in the Bluetooth era and not every phone around has this technology, but with its amazing speed of data transfer, NFC sure looks promising.

The only thing I do not like about the Nexus is that the battery life sucks, especially for someone like me who cannot for the love of God, remember to ever charge my phone.

In my conclusion, here’s the best thing I can say about Galaxy Nexus: If you will get spoilt with the gorgeous display and the android UI, it makes it really tough to go back and pick up any other android device and not feel constrained and disappointed by the lack of awesomeness.


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